Walking with dinosaurs

12th January 2018

(China) – Huge fossil discovery opens up Jurassic theme park project plans.

Following an astonishing dinosaur fossil excavation of more than 600 dinosaur bones in Puan, Yunyang, local government has announced it plans to build a world-class Jurassic dinosaur theme park. The excavation itself, in the mysterious forth area, went 40-metres underground.

Zhang Xuefeng, County Party Committee of Yunyang, has confirmed it will launch an international bid for the best engineering and design organizations around the world to participate in this huge project.

It is thought that the Jurassic dinosaur theme park will include four major sections: a world-class dinosaur fossil museum; a dinosaur fossil protection base, providing academic exchange, training, scientific research and education; a theme park surrounded by the mountains and Modaoxi river – featuring mechanical rides and animated sculptures; and a dinosaur themed town, located at Puan Peninsula.

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