Thank you very much for participating in CAE 2016

8th April 2016

It was really nice meeting you in Beijing this March and thank you very much for participating in CAE 2016. It is always great to have your presence at the event. I hope you found the exhibition a worthwhile experience!

For your records, there were 375 exhibitors including about 50 from outside of China, 30478 visitors attended the show this year, including 198 overseas visitors. The floor space increased dramatically to nearly 38000 square meters. We have received very positive feedback from the exhibitors regarding the progress and annual improvement of the venue, organization and quality of the delegates, so we have set our sights on impressing everybody next year with an even better event.

If you have any suggestions to improve our service, I would welcome them and do my best to make the show work better for you in the years to come. For example, here are some of the issues we learned from exhibitor feedback at the show.

1. The layout of entrances for both visitors and exhibitors
2. The lack of guidance for exhibitors to get badges on the first day
3. The set-up time before the show
4. The messy appearance of the venue during the installation period
5. Dusty chairs and desks
6. Garbage classification
7. The ability of non-professionals to enter exhibition halls
8. Little food and beverage options at the venue
9. Noise control
10.Less choices on booths for overseas exhibitors

Most of them will be dealt with and improved next year, however it is hard to arrange the holding date and time for CAE. the month of March is always busy from every perspective. The timing means China has just finished the biggest national holiday; the annual parliament conference causes a lot of restrictions for security. It is also the busiest schedule for the CNCC venue as well. It leaves the organizer not much choice to work with. So as a result, the show date in 2017 is scheduled on March 18 -20 2017, which is running over a weekend, I am afraid.

Last but not least, the floorplan for CAE 2017 will be ready in one or two months. If you haven’t notified us of your preferable location and booth size yet, please inform us as soon as possible so we can work on your favourite location.

If you do have any further comments or questions, please let us know at any time. It is always our pleasure to help you !

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