Guangzhou Chimelong Circus “Magic Christmas Month” comes to an end

12th January 2018

The month-long magic Christmas theme event at Guangzhou Chimelong International Circus comes to a successful end.

During the event, a 10m-tall Christmas tree is placed at circus plaza. Festival themed decoration is scattered around the park. A number of magic interaction kiosks provide close-up magic for visitors. The Christmas parade with handsome young men and beautiful girls as performers consists of Christmas elf squad, clown and reindeer squad, candy fairy squad, snow flake squad, Christmas girl squad and Santa Claus squad and sends Christmas blessings to audiences.

In addition, during the event, the 17-years-old iconic show “Magic Steamer” gets updated with 6 Columbian performers rolling and jumping in 22 meters high above the ground and challenging the impossible human limits.

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