Exhibitor Information

CAAPA Membership Rate
Shell Scheme: RMB¥1230 /s.q.m.
Raw Spaces: RMB¥1140 /s.q.m.

Non-membership Rate
Shell Scheme: RMB¥1674 /s.q.m.
Raw Spaces: RMB¥1584 /s.q.m.

Membership Fee: RMB¥3000 p.a.

* exchange rate refers: USD$1:RMB¥6.5

One standard shell scheme include: 1 table, 2 folding chairs, 1 wastebasket, 2 spotlights, 1 5A 220V single power outlet, fascia board with company name in English and Chinese, 3 side walls, carpet.

Membership Benefits: one certification; discounted show rate; one copy of Chinese association quarterly magazine posted to one Chinese address only; the company name will be published in the member directory on website; consultation on regulations, laws and industry technology will be provided (in Chinese only).

Exhibitor Manual Exhibition Manual will be available soon
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Shang Hai World Expo Exhibition
& Convention Center

1099 Guozhan Rd., Pudong, Shanghai, China

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