Colorful Yunnan Happy World to open in Jinning in September

12th March 2018

(China) – The Colorful Yunnan Happy World theme park project from the Department of Environmental Protection of Yunnan Province is set to open this coming September.

With a total investment of RMB2.92bn yuan from Northstar Group, the park will be constructed by Kunming Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Kingdom Investment and Development company, and covers an area of 564.48mu with overall of floorspace of 60,000㎡.

The park will include seven zones: primitive secret area, tribes, Frost Moon and Frozen Land, Four-season Flower Sea, Dian Army Camp, Fantasy Dian, and Children’s Dream World; and there will be 46 attractions available – including four ultra-large rides.

Two of the roller coasters will have tracks longer than 1,000 metres and will be designed by world-famous roller coaster manufacturers Mack (Germany), B&M (Switzerland) and S&S (USA).

A super flume ride and a hyper space shuttle will also feature in the park alongside more than 10 large-sized attractions including circular-screen theatre, a sky swing tower, mine train, and large swing.

To meet the needs of family visitors, the park will also offer more than 30 attractions and rides specifically suited to this visitor type, including the Ancient Dian stunt theatre, a nationality theatre, carousel, children’s play house, cup ride and frog jump, as well as a 5,000㎡indoor FEC.

Supporting facilities will include a restaurant of 7,910 ㎡, commercial building of 5883 ㎡, and a service centre. After completion, the park is expected to receive 4,000 visitors each day and 12,000 visitors during peak days.

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