BRC launches Fruit Man theme park products

12th January 2018

On Dec. 4th, 2017, BRC Cultural Tourism launches Fruit Man theme world, an interactive children’s park with storyline and education function to improve physical condition, viability, cooperation ability and professional experience. It is aimed at modern family leisure consumption and all-age parent-child experience education.

According to BRC Cultural Tourism, the new theme park concept is a revolution against traditional cultural tourism park design, development and operation. It is a wholly original IP design and a module product portfolio based on regional characteristics, urban culture and park size, and a customized family travelling solution for second-tier and three-tier city.

Zhang Qiang, president of BRC Cultural Tourism, says the design of Fruit Man image has drawn inspiration from regional culture. In the future, based on original IP, more industry chain such as IP plus education, IP plus entertainment will be developed.

In 2018, the company plans to open more projects aiming at nationwide expansion.

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