Enlight Media to build China Movie and TV Industry Dream Works

12th January 2018

Beijing Enlight Media, China’s largest private-owned media group, signs a cooperation framework agreement with Yangzhou Jiangdu District to co-launch the Enlight (Yangzhou) China Movie World project with an investment of 10 billion yuan and build the China Movie and TV Industry Dream Works. This is the ever largest cultural tourism investment in Yangzhou.

Enlight (Yangzhou) China Movie World is Enlight Media’s first cultural tourism project in Yangtze River delta region after entering live action entertainment sector. Making use of Yangzhou’s unique location, urban characteristics, industry foundation and culture tradition, the project is expected to be built into a movie and TV industry complex including movie and TV shooting, training and education, holiday resort, leisure and entertainment.

According to the agreement, Enlight (Yangzhou) China Movie World will be located in Yangzhou Airport new city with an area of 4150 mu, covering movie and TV, cultural tourism, technology, finance, and education. It creates an innovative development model of “live action entertainment+ industry zone+ characteristic dwelling+ cultural brand,” consisting of seven core zones: international film production base, movie theme park, movie and TV theme resort, movie culture city, movie and TV innovation base, movie and TV theme community, and Enlight movie town.

The project will be developed in three phases. The 1st phase will be one of the core zones of Yangzhou World Horticultural Exposition. The whole project will be put into operation in 2021

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